30 September 2009

Renaissance Lighting earns Energy Star label

Renaissance Lighting, who I blogged about last year, has earned Energy Star qualification for its newest downlight LED fixtures. According to Renaissance, the new recessed downlight fixtures deliver at least 35 lumens per watt and meet other Energy Star requirements for efficiency, light levels, and color.

Making old homes more energy efficient

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched a Weatherization Guide for Older and Historic Buildings. The site includes some interesting advocacy for keeping historic windows in place:
Going green is about more than just energy performance. To determine real environmental impacts, one must take into account the embodied energy of the new and existing windows, the environmental impacts of manufacturing new products, and the expected lifecycle of the product. Embodied energy includes the energy required to extract the raw materials, transport them, make them into a new product, ship the product, and install it. Existing historic windows have all of this energy embodied in them. Tearing out historic windows for replacement units not only wastes embodied energy, it requires additional energy to remove and dispose them. This is on top of the energy required to create and install the new windows.

02 September 2009

Another place to get your green news fix

I can't believe I haven't linked to Chain Store Age's "Green 4 Retail News" page. And I've been the CSA managing editor for almost a year now! D'Oh! Well, check it out, and keep coming back for even more green retailing news. It's in my blogroll on the right if you forget.

01 September 2009

New green LBM dealer plans to launch 25-unit chain

California developer and entrepreneur Rich Rifkin is launching a chain of eco-friendly lumber and building material units in California. The chain, New Home, has started a Web site and gotten some press. The first store will open in Dublin, Calif., in January. Eventually, Rifkin plans to push the chain throughout California and eventually the United States, according to reports. The company Web site mentions plans to open 10 in the San Francisco Bay area alone.