29 May 2013

Hanley Wood buys the Greenbuild show

Check out my fellow ABM co-worker Elizabeth Reid's interview with Hanley Wood CEO Peter Goldstone, on his company's plans to expand the U.S. Green Buildng Council's Greenbuild show:
"They've done a great job domestically, but we really hope to help them expand internationally as the green building movement becomes a global area of interest. We'll do at least three shows, perhaps three to five, in the next three years across different areas of the globe."

01 April 2012

25 March 2011

Green retail, flea markets, and the ‘buy local’ movement

Whether it’s “locavores” eating local produce, architects and builders sourcing materials locally to meet environmental standards, or people who want to support the local economy, individuals and businesses alike seem to be moving towards buying local products of all kinds. How far the trend will go and what effect it will have long term on local businesses is difficult to predict, but the trend does appear to have real potential for small business owners of all kinds, including vendors at swap meets and flea markets.

22 November 2010

Lowe's jumps on the LED bulb bandwagon

I've already mentioned Home Depot's adoption of the LED light bulb. Now comes word that Home Depot wanna-be Lowe's is doing the same. Cnet's Green Tech reports that the number two home improvement giant will be carrying a new Osram Sylvania 60-watt LED bulb. That's 60-watt equivalent, of course. The whole point is that the light only draws 12 watts of energy to produce the same illumination as a traditional incandescent bulb.

20 November 2010

Colin Powell says State Dept. is pushing LEED certification

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke at the recent Greenbuild conference in Chicago. He talked about the importance of green architecture as the State Dept. continues to renovate and build embassies:

"The United States government has done a lot of innovative things with respect to energy conservation, with respect to green building,” he said. “All of the services are now focusing on getting LEED certification for their existing buildings and for new buildings.”

Thanks to Home Channel News for the link.

17 November 2010

In a down economy, fewer are willing to spend on green furnishings

Furniture shoppers are less willing to spend on eco-friendly furniture, says Furniture Today, reporting on the Sustainable Furnishings Council's 2010 Green Home Furnishings Consumer Study. Evidently, big ticket spenders are harder to find these days, and only 4 percent of consumers say they are looking to buy green home furnishings. The survey suggests that educating shoppers about green home furnishings should be a priority, given the current low levels of consumer knowledge.

While in the past about 10 percent of respondents have said they would be willing to spend more on eco-friendly products in general, now that's dropped to just 5 percent.

06 November 2010

National Weatherization Day

A community activist in
Alabama helped weatherize
area homes.
At the White House blog, Energy Secretary Stephen Chu is celebrating National Weatherization Day. Money quote: “As a result of the Recovery Act weatherization program, more than 245,000 low-income families have had their homes upgraded, which means these families are paying lower energy bills every month.”

The Sierra Club is happy with the government’s efforts: “Across the country, federal recovery funds are helping people weatherize their homes for winter, creating jobs and reducing energy waste.”

Meanwhile, Rhode Island and Arkansas just got more stimulus money for weatherization efforts. And in Alabama, one charitable group visited local homes on Weatherization Day and made a range of energy-saving fixes.

Photo courtesy The Huntsville Times, with thanks.