07 October 2008

Biodegradable bags are booming

I got a press release and then talked with Mike Passaglia at Perf Go Green, a maker of biodegradable plastic bags and drop cloths. Now, this is just his side of the story, and a sales rep is bound to put a positive spin on things, but he says that his product is taking off. Perf is currently selling into distributors including Orgill, Do it Best, True Value, United Hardware, Pro Hardware, Reliable, and supermarkets. Retailers may be interested in Perf's "tee-shirt" bags for bagging sold merchandise at check-out. And Mike says Perf is planning to release new products in the fourth quarter. Give Mike a call at 888-478-7144 if you are interested, or e-mail him at mike@grandsales.net.

Since the company is publicly held, though, there are journalists besides me writing about it. Take a look here and here and here.

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