17 November 2008

Green retailer builds community with film night

Canadian green retailer ShopEco continues its "Film Night" series of eco-themed short movies and animations a week from this Thursday -- admission is free and there will be "light refreshments." According to the e-mail I got about the event and the films, "some are funny, others poignant, and all are informative." It's Thursday night, 27 Nov. 08 -- Thanksgiving to the Yanks, but a fun movie night to our neighbors in the Great White North.

I mention this not to tempt my readers in nearby Detroit and Grosse Pointe away from their pumpkin pie, but as a fantastic example of a retailer building up a loyal customer base -- while fostering a mindset disposed to buy the very products that the retailer sells. Yup, that's a cynical way to look at it; after all, some would call it "giving back to the community," and leave it there. But I think that this is a terrific example of how education and activism are important parts of a green business model.

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