04 September 2010

The locavore trend, reductio ad absurdum edition

It may be the ultimate in vertical green retailing: a grocery store that grows its own produce on site. That's the idea behind a Danish proposal, reported in Discovery News:
The do-it-yourself grocery store concept called Agropolis combines hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic farming to grow vegetables without soil ... Shoppers will come in and see all the produce growing on-site and point to what they want. Nutrients from fish in aquaculture tanks goes to feed the plants, and the whole place becomes an ecosystem.

And you can eat the food where it is grown, at a restaurant at the store — talk about a start-to-finish concept!

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Sharlene T. said...

Sounds good, in theory... but, if enough people have to 'feel' the produce, that can kill that idea in its tracks... I had a retail store and was stunned at the number of people who have to touch everything... it's like they have no imagination or memory and can't remember what any item is without feeling it (and putting their germs on everything, as well)... gonna follow this closely to see what happens... come visit when you can...