04 May 2008

How to fit a camel through a needle's eye

One ongoing green real estate development in Montana is designed for the extremely wealthy. The development is called Ameya, and it features a zero-carbon footprint (with carbon offsets bought with replantings), electricity from wind and geothermal sources, green construction, and amenities like a nature center and a children's farm.

Ameya was recently the subject of a critical article in Salon, an online magazine (you may have to watch an ad before reading the article). Seems some people in the nearby community question how eco-friendly it is to buy a huge house as your third or fourth home that you use a private jet to get to. Not to mention that the development is buying two big tracts of public land that might be better left wild.

So is Ameya a way for the upper class to do their part for the environment? Or is it all just a big "greenwash"?

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