01 May 2008

Use germs to clean stained concrete

For Life Products has introduced a new eco-friendly concrete cleaner that uses microbes and enzymes to clean oil and other stains from garages, driveways, and so on. The company's low-VOC Rejuvenate Stain Stealer is good for cleaning up environmentally hazardous materials and spiffying up stained floors.


jason said...

In my community, the HOA regulations require you to maintain a drive-way "free of oil spots" ... which has been such a nuissance. Until now, the Stain Stealer stuff is affordable and EASY to use. Plus, I like that it is not harmful to the environment.

Elizabeth said...

I've tried this stuff on my new house. It's from Rejuvenate and all of their products are awesome! I get them at Fred Meyer in Portland, Oregon. We just cleaned the garage floor...which was DISGUSTING when we moved in and now it looks brand new!!!