02 June 2008

Free e-conference on energy issues

The Virtual Energy Forum takes place June 10 to 11 in cyberspace. It's a series of online seminars and virtual booths, just like a trade show. I have to say, kudos on the concept. What's the carbon footprint on sitting in your chair at work instead of flying to Las Vegas or Chicago for a trade show! (We won't talk about the folks with laptops sitting on their sofas at home in pajamas -- though I guess they save gas by not driving in to the office!)

The topics, though, are not particularly retail or home-improvement focussed. The keynote by Newt Gingrich might be interesting, on the other hand, and if you deal much with the Man, some of it may be valuable to you -- a number of speakers come from government.

And since registration is free, your cost to attend, including airfare and accommodations, is zero! But remember, what happens on the Web does NOT stay on the Web! Hmmm ... maybe Las Vegas has a few advantages left.

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