02 June 2008

Three interesting thoughts

Renovation Advice is a blog that's been around since last December, but it's updated pretty infrequently. Still, here are three very interesting recent posts I thought I would share.
  • First, a cautionary note on greenwashing. Money quote: "I’ve been a skeptic about many aspects of the green building movement. My eyebrow arches when, for example, someone uses bamboo flooring (which is held together with lots and lots of glue, often containing formaldehyde, and is shipped to the US on bunker-oil-burning ships) to floor a new “green” 11,000 sq. ft. house."
  • Second, three green LBM retailers he recommends: F.D. Sterritt Lumber, Green Depot, GreenSource Supply and Design.
  • Third, two hot products: pavers and underlayment.
Let's hope for more Renovation Advice soon!

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