07 July 2008

New building panel is LEED certified

Kerfkore just announced a new flexible building panel product, called KerfGreen. It qualifies for LEED credits and is made with no added formaldehyde.
KerfGreen is a bendable substrate material that is so versatile it allows horizontal or vertical grade laminates, metals, 2-ply, and phenolic backed veneers to be laminated flat and then cold formed into virtually any shape without stress cracks, delaminating, or telegraphing. It provides for smooth and symmetrical inside and outside radii up to 3 1/2”.

The company also has an older product with other applications called FlexGreen. The newer KerfGreen product is not yet up on the company Web site, so for more info and samples, contact Kerfkore at 2630 Sidney Lanier Drive, Brunswick, GA 31525. Phone: 800-637-3539 or 912-264-6496. Fax: 912-262-9763

8 July 08 -- See comments for a correction!


milokoma said...

Products cannot be LEED Certified, only Buildings can be Certified.

Michael Alterio said...

Sorry, I phrased that really poorly. I should have followed the wording of the company's press release: "KerfGreen qualifies for LEED credit MR 4.1, MR 4.2 and EQ 4.4." I hope that clears up my mistake. Thanks for setting me straight!