22 August 2008

Energy-efficient appliances are selling better than traditional models

I got a press release from the NPD Group. They track sales trend data for a wide range of products, and they share info with us at Home Channel News on a pretty regular basis. This press release was on energy-efficient appliances, sales for which are doing quite well these days. I can't link to the data, which is not online, but let me quote from the press release.
Refrigerators: From April to June 2008, sales of Energy Star refrigerators increased 15 percent in dollars and 13 percent in units, versus one year ago. This is compared to the 11 percent declines non-Energy Star rated models are showing. Average selling prices of Energy Star refrigerators models have been more than double the price of regular models, but have leveled off in the last two years.

Washing Machines: Unit sales of Energy Star washing machines grew 3 percent, whereas, non-energy efficient models have declined by 12 percent in April-June 2008, compared to the same time last year. While energy efficient models garner a bigger dollar share (55%) than less efficient models, they only represent 40 percent of units sold.

Let me say that again: Green fridges, up 15 percent; non-green, down 11 percent. Green washers, up 3 percent; non-green, down 12 percent. That is impressive.

NPD didn't give me the Energy Star vs non-Energy Star comparisons for dishwashers and air conditioners, but they say that the former are up 5 percent and the latter are up a whopping 50 percent!

Thanks to NPD's Dora Brunette for help with the data.

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