17 December 2008

Perf offers new bio-bag products

I've blogged about Perf Go Green and its biodegradable shopping bags before. Now the company is offering a wider range of plastic bag products, including kitchen garbage bags, "doggie duty" bags, and more.

According to the company, the new bags are available at Walgreens, CVS, Amazon.com and Drugstore.com. Its bags are now FDA food-contact compliant, and the company will launch food storage and checkout bags beginning in 2009.

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biobag said...

Hi Michael, please dont confuse BioBag with Perfgogreen. Our BioBags contain no polyethylene and are astm6400 certified as compostable. Perf bags are polytheylene with a chemical agent that makes them fragment into little pcs of PE in 18-24months...their claims (go away in landfill, biodegradable etc) are questionable at best, likely illegal in California.. most claims made are very misleading