31 August 2009

Building material vendor promotes tax credit angle

More and more manufacturers are pushing their green products, especially if those products can be used for tax credits. Thanks to the stimulus legislation recently passed -- specifically, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- manufacturers are looking for ways to raise consumer awareness.

So it is with building material maker Typar, with a sustainability page on the company Web site as well as a new press release (PDF format) featuring products like the company's "Weather Protection System," a building wrap that can reduce your tax load:
Through the ARRA, homeowners can receive tax credits amounting to 30 percent of the cost up to $1,500 of energy-efficient improvements made to an existing home. Home builders, too, can benefit, receiving $2,000 in tax credits for building a home that saves 50 percent of the heating and cooling energy used by the average home of similar size; manufactured home builders can receive $1,000 in tax credits for the same heating and cooling energy savings. And, commercial builders, designers and building owners can receive $1.80 per square foot of the structure in tax credits for building envelope improvements that reduce heating and cooling energy by at least 10 percent.

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