24 August 2009

A green checkered flag?

Laticrete is eager to boost its sponsorship of the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup racing series, featuring cars that "run on clean biodiesel fuel." That's a photo of Laticrete-sponsored driver Taylor Broekemeier above.

But isn't green racing like the hot-dog-eating contest in which all the buns are whole wheat? That is, something inherently bad, but now somewhat less so? Well, far be it for me to be sanctimonious -- let he among us who has never ordered a diet soda along with a big steak cast the first stone. According to a Laticrete press release, "The racing season will offset 2,358 pounds of carbon emissions by running on clean biodiesel fuel as opposed to regular gasoline. In addition, the carbon footprint of the series is offset by VW and Carbonfund.org by new forestation projects in Northeast Louisiana."

Maybe you can can burn fossil fuels in the service of entertainment and still feel good about it.

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