07 April 2008

AAMA responds to new Energy Star window ratings proposal

The government's Energy Star program includes a component that rates windows, and that program is undergoing revision. I got a press release from Heather West at the American Architectural Manufacturers Association touting the AAMA's feedback to the proposed revision. The AAMA has the following goals, according to the press release:
  • A two-stage phase-in with Stage One implemented one year after the program parameters are finalized (mid-2009); and Stage Two implemented in 2014;
  • U-factor and SHGC values be brought in line with aggressive goals as predicted by industry experts as attainable within six or seven years;
  • Alternate compliance paths coupled with realistic program parameters that maintain a consistent and clear message to the consumer via the Energy Star label;
  • Careful cost-benefit or payback analysis that evaluates decreasing demand for more expensive products, while accounting for price elasticity;
  • Closer alignment of the five Energy Star zones with those provided in the IECC climate zone map, and redefinition of the Northern Zone parameters.
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