07 April 2008

PermaShine pushes polished concrete in LEED applications

L&M Construction Chemicals (aka FGS/PermaShine) has updated its white paper for architects and builders on using the company's polished concrete floor system in LEED construction. The press release says:
The document now contains an addendum with several valuable tools for incorporating polished concrete surfaces in LEED, including a Regional Materials map, new photo illustrations, and a Life Cycle Cost Comparison of flooring systems. A LEED matrix also provides a quick-glance reference for understanding the role of FGS/PermaShine Polished Concrete Floors in LEED projects.

Which seems to mean that the company is doing a better job explaining the product but has not actually changed or improved it. 

Here's why the company thinks its product is a good option in LEED construction: (a) its thermal mass saves energy, (b) the installation limits VOCs and particulates, (c) you can use recycled fly ash to make it, and (d) the company's " 'dry-grind' installation method ... conserves water and eliminates messy slurry disposal at landfills."

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