21 April 2008

Homeowners don't put green issues first when hiring contractors

Kimberly-Clark Professional, the home improvement and auto division of Kimberly-Clark, commissioned a recent study on homeowners and contractors. Part of the study covered green issues, with interesting results:

Green considerations do not seem to play a major role in the decision to hire a contractor. In fact, 39 percent of respondents said they don’t think about environmental concerns at all when hiring a contractor. Of the environmental factors that might influence contractor choice:

· Eighteen percent of respondents said they would lean toward a contractor who recycles jobsite trash.

· Fifteen percent would favor contractors who used products with recycled content for cleanup tasks, while the same percentage said they would choose contractors who used products that reduced chemical emissions and fumes.

· Six percent would select a contractor who didn’t waste electricity by blasting the radio or leaving all the lights on.

The Web page with the announcement is here, and here's the entire press release as a PDF.


Later Edit: A Kimberly-Clark person asked me to mention that "Kimberly-Clark Professional is an indispensable business partner, delivering leading-edge health, hygiene and productivity solutions that provide tangible value every day, everywhere. Known for innovative, quality solutions for away-from-home washrooms, “clean” and “industrial” manufacturing environments, and DIY settings, the global brands of Kimberly-Clark Professional include Kleenex, Scott, Kimcare, WypAll, KleenGuard, and Kimtech."

Personally, I can't vouch for the "indispensable," "leading-edge," "tangible," "every day, everywhere," and "innovative," parts, but I do actually use Scott and Kleenex products, and I'll certainly agree with the "quality" part. :-)

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