29 September 2008

Building an eco-community around your store

I'm on a mailing list for a green retailer, so I got some promotional e-mail the company is sending out. The key is that the store is going above and beyond to build a community of green-thinking, and most of all, loyal, customers.

From that e-mail message, let me list the many ways the company is offering entry-points for customers.
  • yoga and reflexology sessions
  • new full house line of inexpensive green cleaners and refills
  • store visit by local Green Party candidate
  • free product samples
  • 20 percent off sale
  • tone in e-mail is personal, friendly, and engaging

For a change, I'm not linking to anything. I just want to make the point that if you can build your customers into a community, that's a real competitive advantage.

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