10 September 2008

Marketing to race fans -- green race fans

So Volkswagen is sponsoring a race series, and all the cars are running on carbon-zero diesel fuel. The home channel angle is that one of the cars is being sponsored by flooring maker Laticrete (that's the car right there).

So the moral of the story? That a building materials maker is seeing the value of marketing to race car fans who also are concerned about the environment. It costs money to sponsor a car, and I'm sure that Laticrete doesn't think it's throwing its money away. Further evidence of the mainstreaming of eco-friendly attitudes.

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TruckinT311 said...

Hey everyone!
I'm the driver of the car pictured above, the #41 Laticrete/Bondurant Jetta TDi Cup Car. I just wanted to give a shout out to Laticrete, especially Ed, Sean, and Robert, for their top-notch support that they've given me this season, thank you! It does take some serious funds to race these cars, and I'm beyond grateful that Laticrete has seen the potential of motorsports marketing, especially in a series that is part of the solution to our environmental problems.
I encourage everyone that's interested to follow the remaining races of the season at VWMotorsportUSA.com and root for me, #41!

Go Green!
Taylor Broekemeier
Volkswagen Jetta TDi Cup Driver #41