16 September 2008

Your dream "green" vacation (redux)

One of the first posts I put up on this blog was for a green vacation hub that offered a chance to win a trip to a Mexican eco-tourism resort.

In my first post, I teased that jetting off to Mexico is not very eco-friendly, given the jet fuel used, no matter how many carbon offsets paid the way. But the good folk at RezHub.com didn't seem to mind (or more likely, didn't read the blog), since they just sent me another press release announcing a new "Dream Green Giveaway." Who says you cannot care about the environment of the Yucatan peninsula while enjoying the luxury spa, Tai Chi sessions, in-room Jacuzzi, and free mini-bar?


annie said...

Personally, I love the idea and I just entered. Thanks! Everyone travels, and I doubt that they will stop. So at least this company is offering a greener alternative. Plus I found out that they actually donate 20% of their profits back to the environment. I don't know of many companies who do that, do you?

It's all about baby steps. Going to extremes about anything doesn't ever help. For example, what about all of the servers and computers that make it easy to blog and connect to the internet? Those use a lot of energy to run, transport, sell, and dispose of...maybe those should all go too?

Michael Alterio said...

Thanks for the comment, Annie. You are right! I should not be so negative!

annie said...